02 - Together

Vision, Navigating Obstacles and the Fog

On Sunday, March 31st during the elite eight basketball game between Duke and Louisville, player Kevin Ware suffered a very visibly and gruesome break to his lower right leg and both teams were stunned and visibly shaken. Officials stopped the game for nine minutes. Ware’s teammates held his hand. His words were clear even though he was in…


What We Are Reading: “Creating an Emotionally Intelligent Warrior”

Research has shown that almost 90 percent of the competencies necessary for leadership success are social and emotional in nature, not technical skills as previously assumed. Brain imaging further demonstrates that the emotional and cognitive centers of the brain are far more integrated than previously thought. This has given credence to the concept of emotional…


Business Plan: Children’s Fitness/Wellness Center (Justin Negrón)

Justin Negrón recently presented to the Board of Directors and Executive Director of Family Life Education (Hartford, CT) a comprehensive Business Plan for a new Children’s Fitness/Wellness Center.  The project involved the development of a “first of its kind” center to jointly address childhood obesity, motor skills development, and nutritional education for families.  The business…


Upcoming Opportunity for Development – Enlightened Business Summit

Register for free for a 5-day Virtual Event, November 7th – 11th, 2011. The Enlightened Business Summit: “Harnessing the Power of Emotions To Help You and Your Business Thrive.” It is a Free Five Day Teleseminar Event featuring contributors: Daniel Goleman, John Donahoe (CEO of eBay), Joshua Freedman, Daniel Pink, Marci Shimoff, Marshall Goldsmith +…