Be Effective, Proactively Handle Decision Fatigue, and Simplify

A recent article in FastCompany highlights how the most demanding job in the country, and of any leader, can be made simpler.  President Obama and his staff have made decisions that not just impose effectiveness, but allow for accommodating one’s personal preferences and patterns. What do Albert Einstein, Johnny Cash, Tom Wolfe, Dr. Cornel West,…


Business Plan: Children’s Fitness/Wellness Center (Justin Negrón)

Justin Negrón recently presented to the Board of Directors and Executive Director of Family Life Education (Hartford, CT) a comprehensive Business Plan for a new Children’s Fitness/Wellness Center.  The project involved the development of a “first of its kind” center to jointly address childhood obesity, motor skills development, and nutritional education for families.  The business…


ERGs, Executive Transition & Succession Planning Engagements (Michael Negrón)

NEGRON Consulting was recently retained to several Executive Transition projects for organizations in Connecticut and Massachusetts, summarized as follows: Two (2) Affiliates of a National Nonprofit Historic Preservation Major Institutions Neighborhood Alliance (2 major hospitals and 1 university) For all of these projects, a member of NEGRON Consulting will facilitate a 3-phase executive transition process:…