Diversity Speaker in Action: Dr. Anita Rowe

In a recent post we introduced diversity pioneer, practitioner and speaker, Dr. Anita Rowe.  Today, we provide a sample of her background and speaking expertise, and the contributions she’s made to corporations, leaders, educators, students and youth across the world. Anita Rowe, Ph.D. is a recognized speaker on Global & Domestic Diversity. She is a widely published author,…


Diversity Speaker in Focus: Dr. Anita Rowe

Anita Rowe, Ph.D. has lectured widely, giving keynote speeches, facilitating team building retreats ad teaching seminars across the country and in Europe and Asia. She also continues to teach about diversity, not only through training in client organizations, but also through institutions such as the Intercultural Communication Institute in Portland, Oregon and the Emotional Intelligence and Diversity…


NEGRON Consulting Launches Speakers Group

Inspirational Speakers – Helping to Make the Connection May 20, 2015 9:00 AM Eastern Standard Time GUILFORD, Conn. / TOKYO, Japan – NEGRON Consulting today announced the launch of the NEGRON Consulting Speakers Group, a highly accomplished group of dynamic leaders, authors, educators, scientists, sport personalities and entertainers.  This newly formed international Speakers Group empowers clients to identify…


Book Review: “Emotional Intelligence for Managing Results in a Diverse World”

Michael J. Negrón, NEGRON Consulting Managing Director, wrote a Book Review.  Published in The Business Journal of Hispanic Research (NSHMBA), June 2009.   “To be successful, a leader must make the most of the moments before, during and after the decision.”   For a copy of the Book Review for “Emotional Intelligence for Managing Results in a Diverse Word:  The Hard…