Emotional Intelligence Business Case: Leadership Predictor and a Pathway to Success

“A leader’s intelligence has to have a strong emotional component. He/she has to have high levels of self-awareness, maturity and self-control. He/she must be able to withstand the heat, handle setbacks and when those lucky moments arise, enjoy success with equal part of joy and humility. No doubt emotional intelligence is more rare than book…

EID Model

How Important is Emotional Intelligence? What are the Benefits of Emotional Intelligence & Diversity?

As we recently discussed, there is a growing recognition of the value of Emotional Intelligence.  Much has been written about the benefits¹ of the Emotional Intelligence model and how developing these competencies can help create competitive advantage through: Increased performance Enhanced innovation Effective use of time and resources Improved motivation and teamwork Restored Trust In…


Diversity Speaker in Action: Dr. Jorge Cherbosque

In a recent post we introduced diversity pioneer, practitioner and speaker, Dr. Jorge Cherbosque.  Today, we provide a sample of his background and speaking expertise, and the contributions he’s made to corporations, leaders, educators, students and youth across the world. Jorge has directed the UCLA Staff and Faculty Consultation and Counseling Center for the past…

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Diversity Speaker in Focus: Dr. Jorge Cherbosque

Dr. Jorge Cherbosque has been a keynote speaker and a workshop presenter in a myriad of international settings on a wide variety of compelling themes relating to the workplace, diversity issues, and marriage/family. He is a clinical and industrial psychologist whose vision and philosophy is oriented toward helping individuals and organizations move from what he…