Emotional Intelligence: A Key Determinant of Leadership Success

In a recent Chronicle of Education article, the concept of “How Colleges Prepare (or Don’t Prepare) Their Leaders Is Holding Back Innovation” was examined.  They took a look at higher education leaders, their ability embrace innovation, and specifically, their ability to adapt and  look inward.

“Research shows that emotional intelligence is a key determinant of leadership success, yet while an academic career requires intense scrutiny of intellect, it calls for little self-reflection.

Faculty members in leadership roles do not make the connection between their self-awareness and their ability to inspire and bring about results through others. They have little understanding of the impact of their style on others. They put a higher priority on solving problems, making decisions, and completing tasks than on reflecting, building relationships, and developing leadership, unwittingly sabotaging their own effectiveness.”

To learn more about Emotional Intelligence and the benefits of developing the necessary skills to be a better leader on both an individual and organisational level, go here.

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