Diversity Speaker in Action: Dr. Jorge Cherbosque

In a recent post we introduced diversity pioneer, practitioner and speaker, Dr. Jorge Cherbosque.  Today, we provide a sample of his background and speaking expertise, and the contributions he’s made to corporations, leaders, educators, students and youth across the world.

Jorge has directed the UCLA Staff and Faculty Consultation and Counseling Center for the past 20 years. Additionally, for over two decades he has been a speaker, trainer, and consultant for various Fortune 500 companies as well as a resource over the past 17 years for the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), World Presidents Organization (WPO), and Young Entrepeneurs Organization (YEO).

A highly interactive and engaging speaker, Dr. Cherbosque’s approach is geared toward four different but interrelated goals: attendees receive at least one practical idea that they can apply to their family and home life; one practical idea that they can apply to their work life; and one practical idea for their self development. The fourth goal is to create an environment of safety and joy because he believes that is how real learning best occurs. 

Jorge has spoken on topics including:

  • “Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace”
  • “Taking the Difficulty Out of Differences: Emotional Intelligence and Diversity”
  • “Moving from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary”
  • “Emotional Intelligence in Sales & Marketing”
  • “Radiating Possibility”
  • “Emotional Intelligence as a Leadership Skill that Inspires Heart and Soul Commitment”
  • “Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children”
  • “Stress without Distress”
  • “Extraordinary Workplaces”
  • “The Courage to Change: The Transformative Power of Emotions”
  • “The Visionary Life”
  • “Thank God it’s Friday to Thank God I’m Here”
  • “Using Self Governance”

Resiliency Shot

This is a short video segment of a presentation on Emotional Intelligence where Jorge is speaking on the idea of resiliency as a component to how we deal with change, our ability to overcome a setback and its role in the framework of being an individual with Emotional Intelligence.


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To learn more about Dr. Cherbosque and his background, the type of clients he’s worked with, and see him in action, speaking on topics related to the workplace, diversity, the framework of Emotional Intelligence and relationships – go to Jorge’s Speaker’s page.


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