Vision, Navigating Obstacles and the Fog

01 - Adversity

On Sunday, March 31st during the elite eight basketball game between Duke and Louisville, player Kevin Ware suffered a very visibly and gruesome break to his lower right leg and both teams were stunned and visibly shaken. Officials stopped the game for nine minutes. Ware’s teammates held his hand. His words were clear even though he was in tremendous pain with what could be a career ending injury. “Don’t worry about me. Go and win this game.”

They did.

As the Louisville Cardinals accepted their big east tournament title they held up Ware’s number five jersey. “We won this for him” one of the Ware’s teammates remarked.

What they had done, what was so remarkable, was execute on a clear vision. Though what had happened on the court was unimaginable. Their vision was clear and it fueled them to the finish line.


Though they have one more game to go before they can ultimately be crowned the 2013 National Champions, what they did on this recent Easter Sunday will not be forgotten.

I am reminded that without a clear vision it is often difficult to achieve a team, a company or an individual goal.

After years of coaching, I have found that many of us find ourselves in a light fog day to day. We each need to hone our instruments to clear the distractions clouding our vision. We need to trust our gut when data is not always available. We need to be fueled by passion and belief. We need to acknowledge that there may not be one path to the end goal and be agile enough to readjust, even faced with being down a *star* player, to surmount these obstacles.

So many people get distracted by what I call F.O.G. Forget Our Guiding Principles and vacillate on what is truly important to them, the team and the organization.

03 - Common Vision b

Watching this game reminded me so clearly that if you have a support team around you and strong leadership you cannot be derailed easily when the “fog” rolls in.

Ask yourself – What are “my” goals? What motivates “me” to get up each day? How do I not get distracted by the unimportant stuff? How do I discern the difference?

Marching to the same beat. Finding inspiration in our ideas or others.

Practice. Debate. Alignment. Clarity. All essential.

This is the stuff of champions. This is what fuels success and lifts the fog.


Lynn Alvarez Doupsas