NEGRON Consulting Annual Meeting 2012


NEGRON Consulting recently held its annual meeting in New York City. The majority of the group has ongoing opportunities to work together on client projects in diverse geographic locations. However, due to the often virtual nature of our team’s collaborations and delivery of services, and growing national and international opportunities, it is critical we physically meet, and “hit” the pause button.

This all-day convening featured a review of:

  • 2011 projects’ key outcomes and learnings, by services and industry sector
  • 2012 current projects and those targeted to begin in the 2nd and 3rd quarters
  • How we work as a team; honoring our individual talents and interests
  • Presentations on technology, social media, and operating virtually
  • Trends and collaboration opportunities, both domestically and internationally

Most importantly, this is our time to reconnect and to share the sense of the direction we have seen and foresee for our clients and their business needs, as well as our own as organizational development professionals. We find intrinsic value in comparing our clients’ current operating/customer realities with the ever-evolving work environments and marketplace, to be an essential practice in identifying and generating the most impactful outcomes.