Action Learning Presentation: Ashridge Business School (Dr. Cindy Phillips)



Dr. Cindy Phillips recently presented on “Teaching IT Leaders How to Deliver Business Value” at the 3rd International Action Learning Conference held at the Ashridge Business School (Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK), April 2-4, 2012.


With contributions from the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, France, Canada, Costa Rica, United States, South Korea, Lebanon and Mauritius and diverse multi-national projects from Microsoft to Water Aid, it was an exciting, provocative, challenging – and indeed inspiring – conference this year.


The conference aims to convene a conversation around the different perspectives on action learning, through papers, presentations, workshops, and reflective plenary sessions. The theme this year was:

“Recovery, Regeneration, Revitalization, Resurgence – Action Learning’s impact at multiple levels…

Recognizing the difficult times we live in internationally, with some countries facing bankruptcy; individuals experiencing P1020519major challenges, stresses and often transitions in their work, location, wealth etc., and public bodies tasked to respond to with ever more complex societal needs, the question for all speakers to address is: how is action learning being used to make an impact on the recovery, regeneration, revitalization and resurgence of individuals, communities, organizations and, indeed, nations?”

To learn more about Dr. Cindy Phillips, Action Learning, and how it can be applied in your environment, please see her page.

Also visit the World Institute of Action Learning website.