How to Endure a Mean-Spirited Workplace (Opinion)

Recently published in the New York Times, Stanford Professor Robert I. Sutton, PhD. (Organizational Behavior Department) and author of “Good Boss, Bad Boss”, wrote about “How Bad Apples Infect the Tree.

I found this somewhat indicative of our culture and the current downturn economy related pressure of the workplace. Often the negative behaviors that exist within some people will be amplified in a competitive and pressurized environment. Much of the responsibility comes down to strong leadership, someone that has learned how to be a “good boss” so to speak in eliminating such behavior.

The article accurately points out the pitfalls of such behavior such as morale, job and company pride, and production loss. Although the article is great in describing how one can endure, there is a threshold that every person must recognize as their stopping point.

Being able to deflect and remain detached may also affect your own production and relationship with those around you, if it is not reflective of who you are. The decision to leave the environment after many attempts to endure or even correct the behavior is sometimes the only healthy choice for both you and your career.

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Read the full article, HERE.

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