What We Are Reading: “Tapping the Hidden Strengths of Minority Executives” (HBR)

Originally published in November of 2005, the Harvard Business Review article, “Leadership in Our Midst:  Tapping the Hidden Strengths of Minority Executives“, still holds relevance in today’s work landscape.

Minority professionals often hold leadership roles outside work, serving as pillars of their communities and churches and doing more than their share of mentoring.  It’s time their employers took notice of these invisible lives and saw them as sources of strength.

Read the full article and more on the research and views of Sylvia Ann Hewlett, Carolyn Buck Luce, and Dr. Cornel West on this insightful and necessary topic, HERE.

What is your company doing to build their diversity and create opportunities for minority professionals in leadership roles?  Are companies leveraging their employees’ outside leadership experience as leadership development?

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