“Getting a Coach, Making Choices” – The Shape of Things to Come (by The Octagon Coach)

The Octagon Coach – Article 5

“Getting a Coach, Making Choices”

Last month we asked: Are you ready for a coach? If you answered yes to most questions – have a specific goal, are ready to listen, commit, and make an investment in yourself – then you are ready.

Some thoughts on choosing a coach:

  • Reach out to your network and other groups. Is anyone working with a coach or know someone who is.
  • What are your preferences: industry, functional or international experience; male or female; cultural background.
  • Identify type of coaching – career planning, communication or presentation skills, specific leadership competencies, building teams, understanding emotional competencies or resiliency.
  • Explore Coaching and Executive Coaching websites. I invite you also to visit Our Team – we have several coaches to choose from.
  • Interview a number of candidates to feel comfortable that there is “a fit” – good chemistry; a sense of trust and respect.
  • Fees – shop around; think about what you can afford. Ask for a complimentary 30 minute session. Commit to 3 – 6 months minimum.
  • If you must go internal, talk to your supervisor, work peers, HR department. Internal coaching can work, however, “confidentiality and self-esteem must be preserved. Trust increases when you choose your own coach.” (Strategic Finance).

Recognize you are making a Choice when getting a coach, and investing time in your career and personal development. Honor your instincts when making your choice.

The soul that begins with determination has already traveled a great part of the way

~  St. Theresa de Avila

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