What We Are Reading: “Real Reason for Bad Bosses”

In recent years, many have come to equate leadership with having a postgraduate degree (such as an MBA), having read many developmental books, or success in “climbing the ladder.”  All of these can be beneficial steps towards personal development, but it does not school one in leadership.  This is a process developed by observation, learning, practice, success and failure, and most of all, time.  Most great leaders have benefited from a good mentor.  Many now endure leaders who lacked the opportunity to observe great leaders performing their skill.

If changes are not made between the actions required to be a good boss and the actions often necessary to attain and hold onto leadership positions, we could stay stuck in a mindset that many over confidently deemed unfeasible.

As mentioned in a recent BNET article, “The Real Reason for Bad Bosses”:

Unless people can overcome the oft-observed psychological tendency to see the traits of warmth and competence as negatively related and softness as a sign of weakness, there seem to be very slim prospects for implementing all of the good advice about how to be a be a better leader.

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