“Are You Ready for a Coach?” – The Shape of Things to Come (by The Octagon Coach)

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“Are You Ready for a Coach?”

After reading about Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, other coaching articles in the business and general press, you may feel you are ready for a coach.  Answering some of the following questions, may help you get an idea if you are ready to be coached:
  1. Do I have a particular goal or issue to focus on?
  2. Am I willing to work with the coach to collaborate on identifying the necessary steps to reach my goals?
  3. Am I receptive to listening to what the coach has to say; being accountable?
  4. Am I committed to starting, stopping or changing behaviors?
  5. Can I make a minimum 3-month commitment to allow time to build the relationship and measure progress?
  6. Do I understand that coaching is not therapy?
  7. Am I ready to make an investment in myself and pay a coaching fee?
Self-awareness is the key element in coaching, emotional intelligence, and resilience factor models.  Answering these questions will help you know if you are ready to get a coach and work with one.


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