“What is Coaching? A Coach?” – The Shape of Things to Come (by The Octagon Coach)

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“What is Coaching?  A Coach?”

Coaching involves collaboration between a coach and individual to help the person achieve a goal, or to clarify the goal.  Communication is the initial step, and the foundation for this and all relationships.

Similar to sports, career or business coaches help you develop actions, tools or awareness needed to “hit the ball, score the goal, etc.”, but do not “hit the ball” for you.  It is like having a financial advisor or personal trainer.


Thoughts on coaching and the coach:

1.  A process; encourages creative thinking; action-oriented; a structure to self-explore
2.  Relationship based on trust and art of improving performance of others; takes holistic approach – involves the person, their situation, their goal
3.  Coach is experienced; navigated career issues you wish to explore
4.  A soundboard; Impartial; larger view of your career and goals; helps you be accountable; culturally sensitive

Despite articles titled “Career Therapy”, coaching is neither therapy nor about analyzing the past. A therapist observes, interprets, asks difficult questions, perhaps directs you how to try again and do better, with your new insight.  A coach does some of these, but gets directly involved, asking, “Where do you want to go?”  The coach is more proactive; offers solutions; maintains confidentiality – does not disclose ideas/concerns with others.


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