“Thinking of Getting a Coach? What, Why, Who…” – The Shape of Things to Come (by The Octagon Coach)

The Octagon Coach – Article 1

“Thinking of Getting a Coach?
What, Why, Who, When, How?”

Executive coach, life coach, career coach, business coach… you probably have heard of all of these and more.

In 2004, we facilitated Coaching Panels in the Eastern Region to help educate NSHMBA (National Society of Hispanic MBAS) members on the value of coaching; at the Wharton School in Philadelphia, at the DC LEAD Forum, at the Pitney Bowes’ MBA Leadership Summit in Connecticut, and at a joint Tampa/Orlando chapter event. There was also an overview made at the inaugural NSHMBA Executive Summit in Myrtle Beach, SC.

This was in an effort to provide members with an opportunity to:

  1. Learn more about the value of coaching as a career-enhancing service
  2. Understand how a coach might address our unique needs as members within a particular business community?
  3. Gain knowledge on resources available to support your career growth
  4. Gain exposure to best practices at leading edge companies / organizations
  5. Explore self-development exercises
  6. Get answers to questions such as, when do I need one, how do I find a potential coach, and what does it cost?

In our next article, we will begin with clarifying what coaching is, and the first step in the COACHING process – Communication.


Article 2. What is Coaching? A Coach?
Article 3. Why Get a Coach?
Article 4. Are You Ready for a Coach?
Article 5. Getting a Coach, Making Choices
Article 6. Honoring Who You Are


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