NEGRON Consulting & The Octagon Coaching Model – New Logos

To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, NEGRON Consulting has officially changed its primary logo and color scheme to highlight our team’s and clients’ focus on diversity and inclusion, and our collective passion for strength, flexibility and growth.  This represents a change in our logo for the first time since our founding in 2000, to a full graphic and name logo.


Taking some of its inspiration from the sculpture created for the 10th Anniversary of NEGRON Consulting, The Octagon COACHING Model’s new Logo was a collaboration of ideas from Justin Negrón, Director of Brand Development, and Graphic Designer, Miyuki Iwasa.  “Reflecting upon our ever-changing environments, we wanted to better represent the transformative shifts and fluidity of becoming more self-aware,” said Michael J. Negrón.  “Our shared goals as consultants and coaches are to grow both professionally and personally, both of which are key elements of The Octagon COACHING Model and our company as a whole.”


This is also the first major logo change since the The Octagon COACHING Model‘s inception in 2003. In keeping with the core 8 dimensions, it is now updated to incorporate both the shape and color schemes of the commemorative sculpture, and the upcoming book design changes for the TOCM Self-Guided Coaching Workbook and Card Deck.


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